GAPS Diet: My Ulcerative Colitis Story Part I

Do you want to know how I restored my health from Ulcerative Colitis?  Among other things, the GAPS Diet!

For the past five years, I have been successfully steering myself away from the vicious cycle of auto-immune disease.  Now my mission is to shed light on serious gut disorders…to be a shining example of the truth that food can have such a positive impact on just about any condition!

What I have witnessed in myself as well as many others can be found in one simple statement:

Food is truly the foundation for a Super Life!

Autoimmune Disorders are Lifestyle Disorders

Ulcerative Colitis is an inflammatory condition of the large bowel that can be very difficult to diagnose and treat.  Every case is different.  However, I believe that Ulcerative Colitis, as well as all autoimmune disorders, all point to our lifestyle and environment.  The disease is the result of a multitude of components, including emotion, food, stress, environment and genetic pre-disposition. Science is now revealing that genes only contribute to less than 10% of the disease itself – the other 90% is our lifestyle and environment. So it turns out, we are not victims to our genes…


“Genes Load the Gun, Environment Pulls the Trigger” ~ Dr Francis Collins

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How did I restore my health?  After years of ill health, I chose to go down the path of Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), with the addition of organic butter, buttermilk and raw milk kefir to assist in restoring my gut and immune system.  This path has enabled me to come off medications, which I was on for over 10 years!

Changing my diet and entire approach to food and lifestyle has been a huge catalyst in changing the health of my entire body, my mind and my spirit. The journey that I have been on has brought me to a new awareness around how my body talks to me, and how I can use tools to empower harmony of the body and not suppress it.

Modern Medicine and Hospitals – Ugh!

Now I’ve had my fair share of hospital and medical visits over the course of my life.  I am very aware of the “hospital food” system and how desperately it needs to be transformed!

Gut and Psychology Syndrome helped me avoid this! - SuperFoodSam
I was a not a happy camper with Ulcerative Colitis

When I first became sick, I was not aware that things like jelly, white bread sandwiches and soft drinks would be offered to me in hospital after a colonoscopy.  These (and similar low nutrition foods) would be given to me in order to help “heal my condition.”   But in reality, they were actually feeding my inflammation, the very cause of my disease, not my health and recovery!

On top of this, the colonoscopy ‘pre-prep’ acts to completely strip one’s gut of all its good bacteria – the very bacteria which are the foundation of a healthy functioning immune system!

The awareness around this issue must change!  Our ‘traditional’ health care system must also change – it can no longer afford to send the message that these types of processed man made foods can aid in recovery and healing.

Luckily my innate wisdom led me to not touch the hospital food.  I remember thinking to myself that I would be happy to go on strike from eating!  This was because the hospital food was so unappetizing and unappealing.  Given my degree of sickness, this was not an easy decision to make – as I was being told that I must eat.

Medical Doctors are Only Trained about Drugs

A wonderful thing happened to me about a year after I switched to GAPS.  I went to see my gastroenterologist for a check-up.  It was my first appointment since being off the big drugs.  And what happened?  Everything was in ‘peak’ condition – very much to my gastro’s surprise!

On the way home, I stopped to see my naturopath (who also has a background in western medicine) to talk about the GAPS Diet.  I asked her: “How can I really get my gastro to understand that this is a digestive disorder and that food is a huge factor?”

My naturopath said to me: “I can only guess that he and many other gastroenterologists go home every night wishing there was something more they could do for their patients than give them drugs, but they have not been trained in anything other than drugs, so it is wrong for us to expect that from them BUT you can be that gift to them – you can show them that there is something more they can do for their patients.”

Future Transformation

Now I have regularly observed even with friends who consider themselves healthy that occasional processed “junk food” is an acceptable part of our diet and lifestyle.

Now, I totally acknowledge there are massive changes taking place, such as farmers’ markets, organic health food shops, and micro-communities, which are popping up all over the globe – and I am so excited for what lies ahead on these fronts.

But I strongly believe that mainstream society’s idea of junk food needs to be completely transformed.

So, that is exactly what I am doing.  I want to spend my life being a gift to others – to those who have been in my own situation.  I want to educate and empower people in prevention, and empower them not to get into my situation, and not to simply accept conventional medicine without question.

That is my passion.

I am determined for Paleo, GAPS and grain-free dietary approaches to be accepted by the medical profession.  I am striving to close the gap between modern and holistic healthcare approaches. Patients have a right to understand ALL the options – so they can make the most informed decisions in relation to a “combination” of treatments.

In the next instalment, I will tell you my story!

Peace, Love, Health

Sammi x

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