Grain Free For Me! (but maybe not for everyone)


“Many conditions caused by wheat are not revealed by such testing” ~Dr. William Davis

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This quote by Dr. Davis  perfectly sums up the situation I was experiencing in my early days, when I was far from grain free and the doctors couldn’t provide a diagnosis for gluten sensitivity.  It turns out I sure as heck had it anyway!

I am sure many of you can relate to having issues with gluten (the protein found in wheat), but then wondering why in the world it never shows up in the standard medical tests!Grain Free for Me! Superfood Sam

Western medicine’s diagnostic capabilities are normally their strong suit. But in the case of gluten intolerance, I found their biopsies to be sorely lacking.

I Was a Bread Junkie; I’ll Be the First One to Admit it.

I grew up in the late 1990’s  where bread and pasta were a weekly and daily staple.  They were never questioned, due to their squeaky-clean highly-praised ‘good fibre’ reputation (all the while cleverly crafting the next fat-fearing generation!)

Fast forward to 2015 and fat is the new black (pun intended).   Good fats from nature are being embraced and are now granted center stage on all of our plates.

I’ll be honest, this whole low carb/grain free lifestyle issue has been a bit controversial in recent times…the whole fight for “who is right or wrong” in the food/diet world is exhausting!

I believe there is a place for all different ways of eating.  I believe humans are a bit like dinosaurs: some are carnivores, some are herbivores.  The reason why paleolithic humans were grain free was because there weren’t any around!  It wasn’t a choice for them.  They didn’t know they were eating a certain way, they were just eating to survive.

My intention is not about making going grain-free “right” and everything else “wrong”.  Simply, I am passionate about presenting one of the options for us to experiment with and let our bodies tell us if it is right for them.

As yummy as it is, this is not grain free! Superfood SamGoing grain free has completely changed my life and health.  I am one of the lucky ones and I know it will change many others.

However, through my journey, I have also discovered many people for whom grain free does not serve them in the same way it has for me.

By no means does this mean that my lifestyle is suddenly dangerous.  It just means this approach does not work for their unique body type and they may suit a more ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’ lifestyle (if you have to put a label on it).  I also met someone recently who lived with the principles of a grain free lifestyle but would occasionally have some oat or quinoa porridge (fermented of course).

So there really are a range of options, but the primary principle is to always listen to your body.

This current “diet label dogma” makes me cringe, because when we choose to put a label on ourselves, we become attached to that and we end up missing the whole point.  We miss the opportunity of our own evolution and to have a relationship with our body, by listening to what it tells us everyday.

Also, when we label something, it’s conclusive, like we are stuck in the bottom of concrete well and we can no longer stretch out our hands to grow and evolve.

But isn’t change the only thing we can depend on in life?

Life is in a constant state of flux, and you are in a constant state of flux.  Everything is changing all the time, your body, your mind, your environment, your family, your pet, your kids, your partner, your wardrobe, your house, your office, the government, the law, mother nature and even your garden.  So when we label something, we become attached to something being a particular way and when it changes (which it will) we feel suffering.

So I want this to be really simple for you.

  • Don’t Label
  • Just Listen
  • All The Answers Are Inside You
  • Have Trust

Go Grain Free! SuperfoodSamI love the “no label, wholefood, gluten and grain free, low grain/carb/starch, fermented, bone broth, occasional oat listen to your body”  way of eating, but then again, that’s just me!

I remember when a close family friend was diagnosed with coeliac disease and it seemed like their days of eating were over.  Suddenly they had this label glued to their forehead (not literally!) and in the late 90’s being gluten or grain free was almost unheard of.  Wow, how times have changed.

Fast forward 15 years and gluten and grain free options are available everywhere.  But most importantly, the issues surrounding gluten consumption are now being more widely recognized and accepted in other ways beyond the standard testing approach.

Going Grain Free

I could talk to you about all the biopsies and allergy testing I have had over the years, but I would prefer to just cut to the chase.  I never realised the issues I had with the gluey gluten until I actually cut it all out 100% and committed to it.  In the time frame of two weeks, I experienced some major revelations in my mind and body…

  1. I Had No Idea I Was Bloated.  I thought the constant heavy feeling in my lower digestive tract was normal – I only realised I had been experiencing this when I actually removed all gluten, starch and grains when beginning the GAPS Protocol.
  2. I Am Now Wide Awake Every Morning.  When I was a young kid/teenager I would often feel fatigued upon rising, almost as though 10 hours of undisturbed sleep was not enough.  However, when I removed the ‘glue’ I began to have energy and that spring returned to my step, which has played an enormous role in increasing my quality of life.
  3. I Got Smarter, Literally.  Just weeks after adopting this change, my memory improved and I felt stronger, smarter and had a more powerful sense of endurance not only in my mind, but entire body.  I started remembering things better, ideas starting flowing through me like the Niagara Falls and I was now starting to become more conscious with my ‘intuition’ and ‘gut feelings’ due to the beginning stages of repairing the prominent gut/brain axis connection.
  4. Caution! Grain ahead!I Am Happier, Less Moody.  Negative degrading thoughts used to dictate and hijack my mind like nothing I would ever do would be good enough. There was also the ongoing replay of my story of how illness was a curse and that there is no justice in life.  I was down with having a pretty negative outlook on myself, my life and the world. Now I believe that 65% of every illness is emotional based and, while I was in remission ‘physically’, mentally I was still a mess and that was a major factor in keeping me trapped in that vicious cycle.
  5. Fewer Skin Issues.  It was almost routine for me to know that as soon as winter hit, my skin would shrivel up like a prune and crack like an 8.9 magnitude earthquake!  Until I eliminated gluten, I didn’t realize that these skin issues I was experiencing were due to far more than just the winter.  Whether it was a Herald Patch in the form of ‘Pityriasis Rosea’, Shingles, an Infected Cyst or Sweets Disease signifying the inflammation building before a relapse (increased white blood cell count), I had it all. Gluten is now being recognised as immuno-aggressor in many people.  Your skin is the last organ to receive the nutrients from your food.  So if your skin is radiating then you know every other organ has been nourished.  NOW my skin is beautifully plump, flawless, nourished. While some of this has to do with switching over from chemical free skin care, most of it changed when I went off grains.  Simple.
  6. My Hormones Are Happy.  A huge plus from ditching the glue (and I know many of you ladies will love to hear this!) is that Mrs PMS does not run the show every month!  She may still make an appearance, but it is far less prominent than before.  I used to have the world’s worst menstrual pain and would schedule the first two days off every month to make a date with chocolate, my heat pack and bed.  These days I feel human during that time and am able to continue on with my daily tasks while also being more gentle with myself.  A big part of this is the high amounts of good fats and grass-fed proteins that are great for balancing and nourishing hormones.  Check out this great article from the Huffington Post.

The topic of gluten intolerance fascinates me, especially the fact that everyone is so different.  My quality of life has risen dramatically since I removed it from my life. My new mantra…


 “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” ~ Michael Pollan 

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So, as you are the owner and CEO of “Your Body Inc”, I encourage and give you full permission to go with your gut, to honour your life with how your body is feeling and steering clear of the ‘theories’ that we are bombarded with every day.

But most importantly, be in charge of writing your own ‘Super Life Formula’ – as I have only given you the framework.  It is your job to fill in the blanks!

I would love to hear from you.  How has your life changed from removing gluten or even just letting your body speak to your more?

SHARE your thoughts in the comments section below.

Peace, Love, Health

Sammi x

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