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SuperFoodSam Life After Grains Program
From Willing to Weaning to Winning!  This infographic describes the process of my Life After Grains program.  For a full description of each module go to the bottom of this page. 
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I want to introduce you to my Life After Grains program by asking you a question:

Do you feel like you’ve lost connection to your health and quality of life?

I understand how that feels.  For a very long time, I was lost and perplexed too.

I had forgotten how good  I was meant to feel.

But I researched, I struggled, I never gave up, and I prevailed…and my life totally changed.


It took me ten years to really understand how to restore my life.  And it took ten years to decide that my life’s purpose is to help others restore their life. 

It was only then that I started to realize what Life After Grains could be.

So Here is my Promise to You

As a health coach, I promise to help guide you on the path of naturally restoring your body from an autoimmune or gut disorder, so you can have the best possible opportunity to become free of the anguish and cost of your condition, hopefully in about the time it took me, which was around 12 months.

Attitude is Everything

If you really want to change, you must want it ONE HUNDRED PERCENT and be willing to do whatever it takes.  You must adopt a mentality of “failure is not an option, you will see me struggle, but you will never see me quit.”  This is what I live by.

As with anything, you only get out what you put in.  Please understand that you cannot rely only on me!   This is a journey of self-discovery on so many levels, and it is all about YOU.

I Have Been Where You are Now

Now I have been where you are now…and I understand your frustrations, goals and desires:

  • You feel you are missing out on life, sick of being sick.  You want to participate in life again!
  • You are unsure about food.  You know that you need to understand more about healthy cooking and how to work with mother nature’s whole foods.
  • You don’t understand your body’s signals.  You’re having a tough time tuning in with it.   You want to understand the whispers and messages of your body, whether it is giving you a green go ahead or a red warning light.

So where do you find yourself on the Life After Grains Health Pyramid?  Are you in the early stages or well down the track of an autoimmune condition?  Click here to learn more.

The First Step is Starting to Rebuild your Gut

I see our gut – which needs to be “Super” in order for our body and immune system to function properly – like a city in our stomach.  It is totally alive, buzzing with villi as tall as skyscrapers, with different species of good and bad bacteria working and keeping everything alive, like the people of a city.

There is no city without people, and no healthy villi without the balance of good and bad bacteria.

By now you know that the first step to restoring the body is rebuilding the gut.  And the first step for rebuilding the gut is sealing the gut lining.

That’s where Super Smooth Foods come in.

Using Smooth Foods was the first step I took toward restoring my body from Ulcerative Colitis.

If you haven’t downloaded my free Super Smooth Food recipes yet,
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Seal Your Gut with Smooth Foods - SuperFoodSam

However, this is barely scratching the surface of a big topic, and is a very small step on the beginning of what I now call ‘my life-saving journey’.

What’s the Next Step? The Life After Grains Program

Through my life-saving journey I have spent years developing the ideas behind my Life After Grains program, and this year I will start releasing the modules.

Keep reading for an in-depth explanation of the 9 Life After Grains modules. 

If you like what I have to offer, the next step is for you to register your interest in the program.  There is absolutely no obligation and registering will give me valuable feedback on how many autoimmune sufferers are interested in working with me at a deeper level.

And if you register interest, I will extend a lifetime 10% discount off every module in the course just for letting me know!

Register your interest in my Life After Grains Program here

Register Your Interest in my SuperFoodSam Life After Grains program
Click to register your interest in my Life After Grains Program

If you’re not ready to register interest without knowing more, no worries!  Read on for a full explanation!

The Hard Way, or the Easy Way?  It’s Your Choice

When I was in the depths of my illness – and in spite of being surrounded by many closed minds – I always knew I would find another way.  But to find that other way, I had to sift through a massive mountain of information.

I also found myself challenging the opinions, motives, beliefs and views of absolutely everyone – even science. I quickly learned that today’s science can only take us so far.  Science has its place, but it definitely cannot explain everything!

Now I have done most of the work for you.  And through my experience and research I found that with autoimmune disorders, there is a hard way, and an easy way.


  • Believing your health is out of your hands
  • Believing you don’t have any control over your mind and body
  • Not questioning anything or anyone
  • Not changing anything about your inner or outer lifestyle or environment
  • Blindly trusting doctors with little or no training in nutritional, integrative or functional medicine
  • Believing there is absolutely no other solution other than medication
  • Believing you will have an illness forever
  • Believing that you will just have to live with it and accept it
  • Continuing the never ending cycle you are on


  • Choosing personal responsibility and ownership of your situation
  • Accepting that you are your problem, and you are your solution
  • Researching and engaging in other options and proactive health care concepts
  • Taking the first step by incorporating Super Smooth Foods into your life
  • Welcoming and embracing change
  • Starting to question everything you hear, see and read, and constantly asking ‘Could there be a better way’?
  • Believing that you have complete control over your body
  • Believing you understand your body better than anyone else does
  • Owning your power and not giving it away in the hope that someone will ‘fix’ you

So which would you like to choose?

Life After Grains Challenges the Myths

I make no bones about it: Life After Grains challenges the myths and tells the truth about autoimmune conditions.

Yet of course, I am not perfect.   I encourage you to approach this course with an open mind, and to question everything that I present to you.  In this way you can take what feels right for you, and leave behind that which does not.  That is your power.

Life After Grains is not a diet.  Together we focus on understanding the importance of one’s unique body messages, feelings and emotions…instead of relying solely on mainstream theories.

Life After Grains is instead a framework, one which empowers you with the tools to make the autoimmune realm easier to understand and navigate.

The program will look different to each one of you.

In this way, you can write your own story and guide yourself to better health by discovering what works for you and what does not.

Together, in all of the modules which follow, we will explore the culture in which we live, and how we can adapt to a world otherwise saturated with the notion of eating the seeds of grasses.

The SuperFoodSam Life After Grains Program
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Life After Grains Program Module Description

The Life After Grains program is broken into 9 modules that focus on three major phases of your restoration process: Willing, Weaning and Winning. Following is a brief explanation of the nine modules.

SEE THE LIGHT – Educating & Micro Habit Changing

Find out how willing you are.  You have more options than you know!  Get educated about the agricultural revolution, our microbiome madness, the ugly side of beauty, stress as the center of most disease and the secret to change.  Assess key habits like grain consumption, ingredients in food and cosmetics, exercise and stressful tendencies.  Learn to incorporate “simple substitutions”.   Engage cultivation of your support network.  Learn my first five “Willing” recipes.

DIG IN & DEBUNK – Examining Influences, Emotions & Misinformation

Educate yourself about the facts and statistics of autoimmune disorders.  Examine blocks that are keeping you unhealthy.  Learn where you have been put at a disadvantage through excuses, opinions, theories, beliefs, perceptions and emotions.  Learn the importance of bone broth and its versatility.  Develop your support network.  Engage the micro-tasks of mindfulness meditation and assessing how responsible you have been with your health up until this point.  Learn my second five “Willing” recipes.

CHOOSE COMMITMENT – Creating The Will To Succeed

Engage tools to step into your own personal power to achieve and maintain the ultimate mental commitment. Understand the blocks that prevent you from committing.  Navigate the world of sauerkraut, plant protein, and ethical meats.  Learn about the current available medical tests that are rarely spoken about.  Gain insight into all-natural beauty products so you can let go of the toxins.  Start your crucial introduction to the Healing Codes.  Continue adapting to daily practices of simple substitutions, meditation, movement and cultivating our support group.  Learn my third five “Willing” recipes.

TELL A NEW STORY – Changing Your Wellness Mindset

This is the first phase of weaning yourself.  Analyze your ingrained story about your bodily disorder and how its effects could be worse than your symptoms.  Learn the art of pantry stocking, feeding your microbiome and “clean cleaning”.  Delve into the pantry to clean and restock.  Understand the foods that feed our good and bad bacteria.  Learn the importance of becoming an ‘observer’ of your thoughts. Check on your sauerkraut after the first fermentation process.  Continue fortifying your daily routine and cultivating your support network.  Learn my first five “Weaning” recipes.

GLUTEN BE GONE – Eliminating The Unpeaceful Protein

Dive into the history of gluten and how this addictive ‘unpeaceful protein’ is leading the way in the autoimmune epidemic.  Take the opportunity to cut out gluten 100% and feel and see the difference in your mind, mood, hormones, joints and gut.  Learn simple substitutions for gluten-free cooking.  Get the low down on prebiotics and probiotics, the importance of sleep and the difference between selflessness and selfishness on the recovery journey.  Observe what happens when you add a new food into your diet and whether you only ‘react’ when your body presents a symptom.  Uncover the difference between reactive and proactive healthcare. Solidify your key changes and daily practices.  I teach you my second five “Weaning” recipes.

STEP UP PHYSICALLY – Dealing With The Outside To Heal The Inside

Take physical movement to the next level.  Delve deeper into my world of cooking and pantry bonuses.  Learn how good digestion is the key to the foundation of health, how our culture struggles to separate weight and health, and the importance of switching from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system with one free tool we all possess.  Focus on the importance of cooking your own food, checking in with your digestion and energy levels, observing our internal environment of thoughts and breathing rhythm. Continue your daily key changes and practices.   Learn my third five “Weaning” recipes.

CRUSH DON’T CRASH – Taking Your Health Across The Line

Put your foot down and go for it.   Understand that your beliefs and perceptions are shaping your stress levels and biology.  Get inspired to extend your commitment, feel the burn, take it to the limit, leave no obstacle unturned, never break your promise, stay the course, cross the line, and walk through the door with the satisfaction of having done it yourself!  Learn the top 6 vital things to do every day in recovery.  Research what produce is available seasonally in your area, bulk buying and the importance of just stopping and being. Continuing our key changes and practices. Learn my first five “Winning” recipes.

PERFECT YOUR PRACTICE – Refining Your Lifestyle Skillsets

Get on top of social settings that are no longer serving you.  Learn to assess if you are caught in the social happiness trap.  Learn to lean into fear and the importance of feeling what doesn’t feel good rather than resisting it.  Refine the skills and practices we have learned previously in areas including the kitchen, bathroom and your mind, whilst refining your support network.    Learn the best seafood to eat in your area, and how to top up the supplement department.  Learn my second five “Winning” recipes.

MAP YOUR MAINTENANCE – Staying On Target For Longevity

This is the final lap to get on the longevity track.  Review every aspect of your inner and outer environment and how to focus on the best practices for both.   Tune into what foods work for your body and how we are subject to change at any time.   Learn to avoid getting stuck in the complacency trap and, when it comes to food, “one size fits all is a size that fits no one”.   Understand how to spot a red warning light in your body before it explodes.  Consider your goals for after the program and how you can continue being supported in this community so you can prosper in your Super Life After Grains.  And finally, I teach you my third five “Winning” recipes.

If you like what I have to offer, the next step is for you to register your interest in the program.  There is absolutely no obligation and registering will give me valuable feedback on how many autoimmune sufferers are interested in working with me at a deeper level.

And if you register interest, I will extend a lifetime 10% discount off every module in the course just for letting me know!

Register your interest in my Life After Grains Program here

Register Your Interest in my SuperFodSam Life After Grains program
Click to register your interest

Peace, Love, Health


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TAKE THE FIRST STEP!  My Super Smooth Foods recipes SEAL YOUR GUT LINING, the CRITICAL FIRST STEP on the natural road to recovery from gut and autoimmune issues.

I should know - I healed myself naturally after 10 years of Ulcerative Colitis!

- Sammi

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