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Sammi Lucas is a truth-seeking ambassador passionate about nourishing every aspect of your life from the inside out.

As a “wellness and foodie assassin,” she is on a mission to help you create the most phenomenal, abundant life possible…by trailblazing your own unique path and living your truth – and all of this stemming from ultimate gut health!

Sammi had Ulcerative Colitis for nearly a decade and dug deep to uncover the critical information she needed to overcome the disease and thrive.  Now she wants to bring that knowledge and experience to you.

Sammi travels the world and teaches how to take back control of your life when dealing with auto-immune issues like and gut disorders like IBS, leaky gut, Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis.

Sammi strongly believes that everyone should have easy and inexpensive access to the Super Life Formula she worked so hard to discover: the keys to Super Food, Super Gut, Super Emotions, Super Scent and Super Life!  She strives to provide empowerment, education and entertainment to magically transform the life of everyone who hears the call.

Sammi is an entrepreneur, author, essential oil enthusiast, model, motivational speaker, whole foods chef and a holistic health + lifestyle coach.  She believes true abundance and freedom begins from smashing through limiting beliefs.

She encourages people to follow their hearts and to nurture and treasure their mind and body. She is a leading example on how to forge your own path, discover what you desire, to own it, live it and be it.

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Sammi Lucas - SuperFoodSam Sammi Lucas - SuperFoodSam
Sammi Lucas - SuperFoodSam Sammi Lucas - SuperFoodSam
Sammi Lucas - SuperFoodSam


TAKE THE FIRST STEP!  My Super Smooth Foods recipes SEAL YOUR GUT LINING, the CRITICAL FIRST STEP on the natural road to recovery from gut and autoimmune issues.

I should know - I healed myself naturally after 10 years of Ulcerative Colitis!

- Sammi

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