Rebuilding Your Gut Bacteria Simplified

Like anything, when it comes to rebuilding your gut health – it is all about balance.  There is a growing body of scientific evidence pointing to the gut and our gut bacteria as the epicenter of our physical, emotional and core well-being.  We all need a Super Gut!

As a child, I was always told ‘listen to your gut feeling’.  We all know it, we all have it – yet this saying is mostly interpreted as “letting our intuition guide us”.   What if it is much more literal than that?

I now understand and am passionate about sharing the message that if you want better digestion, less toxicity, mental clarity and endurance, enhanced stamina and performance as well as bringing in that sense of balance to your life, you must focus on rebuilding your gut bacteria!  There are 10 times more gut bacteria in your gut that cells in our entire body – CRAZY! – so that pretty much sums it up that…


“the state of our gut draws the line between illness and wellness” 

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Rebuilding The Gut Bacteria - SuperFoodSam
Greens and non-starch vegetables assist in rebuilding the gut bacteria – SuperFoodSam

A Simple Approach to Gut Bacteria

Today I am going to share with you my simplified recommendations for repairing the gut lining for a super gut.  You’ll learn what the ultimate function of your gut is and why it links to so many systems and parts of our body.  Then I will go over what foods are best to eat to support this process as well as a daily health prevention and maintenance routine… so lets get into it!

Ever since I can remember, gut health, healing and staying well has been a big focus of my life.  It was only when my ulcerative colitis really stepped out of control at age 16 that I began to take responsibility, understand and know the details surrounding this organ.  What I discovered was your entire intestinal tract holds trillions of bacteria that help you process food, absorb nutrients and fight illness.  Lifestyle is a massive piece that determines whether our bacteria gets out of control – everyday we have the power to choose foods that don’t let the bad (opportunistic) gut bacteria take over.

On a further note, our guts are also an amazing emotional center – you know, when you feel ‘butterflies’ because you’re nervous – so naturally emotional clearing and healing is crucial, as we can hold onto unspoken fears, thoughts, past events and negative feelings which can eventually manifest on a physical level into ‘disease’.

I came to realise something really important: as the main purpose of our gut is to digest food, this also comes to digesting life!  The gut is home to so many emotions and feelings and we often feel feelings in this area.

So what are the foods to eat that support good gut health and overall well-being?

  • Bone Broth – this is like the liquid gold elixir of life
  • Fermented foods – sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, raw milk kefir (if tolerated), water kefir
  • Above ground vegetables like leafy greens, zucchinis & a limited amount of below ground non-starchy vegetables
  • Smooth foods – smoothies, soups, fresh vegetable juices
  • Good fats – avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, cultured butter, ghee, wild sustainable salmon.

Other tips I would recommend to take your gut health to the next level:

Eliminate allergens – Gluten, wheat, rye, barley, corn, millet, oats, rice, spelt and even gluten-free grains and starches.  These guys are hard to digest and only enhance inflammation and aggravation in the majority of people living in the domesticated western world.  Depending on the individual, some may also benefit from removing eggs and nightshade vegetables for a short period of time to assist in the healing process, and adding them back in later.

Use Probiotics – I believe in flooding your body with good beneficial gut bacteria – so, as well as your fermented foods, I would also recommend a high quality probiotic.  A soil probiotic is a great option but there is many available today on the market.

Essential Oils – Where do I begin?  The healing qualities of essential oils are phenomenal.  I love to put 1 drop in my cooking, herbal teas, smoothies, cleaning and dilute them in coconut oil to use them directly on my skin!  Taking them internally has made a huge difference to the function of my gut and has helped to clear out pathogenic bacteria.

Mind Medicine – Our guts tend to be the main outlet when it comes to the ‘physical manifestation’ of our minds.  Most people who suffer from IBS, leaky gut, crohn’s, ulcerative colitis or any other form of gut issue often have unresolved negative tension and conflicts bubbling away on the inside.  Eventually, these issues have to come forward and show themselves in order to be healed.  Incorporating yoga, meditation, exercise and energy healing can help address these dilemmas.  Treating the mind is just as important as treating the entire body, as the mind is the body.

Can you relate? I would love to hear from you and what your experience with food and emotional aspects have been.  Good luck with your super gut!

Peace, Love, Health

Sammi x

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4 Responses to Rebuilding Your Gut Bacteria Simplified

  1. Dear Sammi, I came across your website today and loved it! My daughter suffered terribly for many years before being diagnosed as a coeliac at about 21, She has also suffered leaky gut, IBS, etc. We never thought she would be healthy again. However, we were lucky enough to discover Kombucha! After years of pain and suffering, she is now almost fully recovered, in terms of feeling well and being able to participate in life again. A miracle really and it’s all about gut health! She and the rest of the family have been drinking kombucha (our own kombucha) daily now for about 12 months and the results are remarkable. We are now making our own Kombucha (March Hare Kombucha) and trying to get it out there into the mainstream. If only people truly realized what a dramatic effect food has on their health.
    As I said above, I think your website is wonderful … well done and I hope you keep getting the message out there! Shirley Downing

    • Hi Shirley,

      Thank you so much for getting in contact with me. I love hearing people stories and your daughter’s sounds amazing, it is brilliant that she has made a complete recovery with the art of gut health, thank you for sharing. I too, am such a big fan of kombucha and it is great to hear that you are now distributing it into the mainstream! It is people like you and I who will spread the message. ☺

      Peace, Love, Health,

      Sammi x

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