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Incorporate Super Scent into Your Wellness Regime with Essential Oils

Super Scent: understanding the magic of incorporating essential oils for emotional and physical well-being, and using them to increase the medicinal aspects of food.  Part of my Super Life Formula where Super Food + Super Gut + Super Emotions + Super Scent = Super Life!

All is Energy and Vibration

Higher Vibrations can be achieved with doTERRA essential oils
Vibration informs every Level of Reality
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So I have a question for you.  What is it that Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla agreed upon, even though they didn’t even know each other?

The answer is: they both knew that energy and vibration are at the core of reality!

Einstein said: “What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.

Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Science has proven it. It is a known fact that everything—including our own bodies—is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Which brings us to the theory of essential oils, and how we can use them to affect our health and our reality in a myriad ways through the vibration and frequency that they bring into our lives.

Essential Oils are Ancient Vibrational Medicine

The theory of essential oils takes us to ancient history.  Their smell, high vibration, and the quality they evoke goes back to ancient times.

Essential oils like doTERRA Essential Oils were used in Ancient Times
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In Egypt, the tomb robbers would always steal the essential oils more than the gold.  In those days, they knew these sacred vials were incredibly valuable to their health and wealth!

In Roman times, they would put Rosemary around their heads to help with memory, and they would put Roman Chamomile on before a battle, because it helped with empowerment and courage.

During the great plague, the thieves use to rob the dead bodies, but never got sick because they had doused themselves with a combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary.

Historically, all essential oils have a quality behind them – for example, Frankincense is the oil of truth, White Fir is the oil of generational healing, Geranium is the oil of love and trust, and Melaleuca is the oil of energetic boundaries.

My Journey with Essential Oils

From a very young age, I have always enjoyed many scents from my mum’s baking to perfume.

But it wasn’t until I became very sick as a teenager that I really started to care about what I was putting on and inside of my body.  My own research steered me away of conventional perfumes toward nature’s perfume – essential oils.

My own healing journey led me to essential oils at a time when I was going through some massive shifts finding answers to the root cause of the auto-immune disorder I was experiencing.

One afternoon of 2013, I went along to my neighbour’s essential oil workshop with an open mind and willingness to learn.  At the time, I was having a lot of skin boils, which were all related to my auto-immune issues.  I had already been through one surgery to remove them, which also involved taking a course of antibiotics that destroyed my gut flora and digestion even more.

Essential Oils versus Drugs - SuperFoodSam
Essential Oils versus Drugs (Click for clearer larger image)

And I was booked in for my next surgery in two weeks.  I left the workshop that day with 10 oils…3 of them were ‘On Guard’, Oregano and Lavender.  For three days I applied 1 drop of each of these oils diluted in coconut oil to the boils and they completely healed on their own.

So the bottom line was that these oils stopped me from having surgery and having to take another course of antibiotics which would have destroyed my gut even further!

Now I use the oils every day.  I identify certain emotions going on, or a quality that I wanted to evoke in myself, and I then use these specific oils to help clear and release the emotions or to increase the quality in me.

For example, if I am having issues with trust, I put a couple of drops of Frankincense on my crown, third eye, pulse points and often diffuse it.

So Many Oils, So Little Time!

So Many Oils, So Little Time with doTERRA Essential Oils
So Many Oils, So Little Time!

The versatile ways of using these essential oils are endless and the benefits they bestow are limitless.  Since adding a few drops of Frankincense, Lavender and Cedarwood to my routine I have found how much my skin quality has improved.  I also love being able to boost my immune system by rubbing the blend ‘On Guard’ onto my feet each morning and lavender on my feet at night to help me sleep.

I believe essential oils are a big part of the revolution in sustainable health care.  We are now shifting towards natural options that actually work to cleanse, detox, renew and help to regenerate our body and support all its functions.

Our bodies are so intelligent; they know exactly what to do with each individual chemical component of each oil.  So if you pick the wrong oil, there can only be “side benefits” – your body will still use it beneficially anyway!

Why CPTG essential oils?

What does Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade really mean?

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade - doTERRA Essential Oils

CPTG is the highest standard of quality, potency and purity in the essential oil industry. This is maintained through integrity and commitment in sourcing all of the oils from the country of origin of the native plant. Then they outsource rigorous 3rd-party testing through laboratories and universities so you can be assured of quality with each batch.

What can Essential Oils Bring to your Life?

So what are the different values that these essential oils can bring in your life?  There are many, like:

  • Upliftment, or helping to shift or change negative energy
  • Assisting specific emotional, physical and spiritual concerns
  • Increasing the medicinal qualities of your food
  • Naturally creating a healthy clean environment
  • Reducing toxins in your life.

You can use the oils in so many different ways, both externally and internally.


The Myriad Applications for doTERRA Essential Oils
The Myriad Applications for Essential Oils

Emotional health / relaxation / stress relief – Use Serenity, Lavender and Cedarwood

Balancing your energy – There is a blend called ‘balance’ which is very grounding

Lifting your mood – Diffusing citrus oils is great for this

Beauty & Skin oils – Frankincense, Lavender and Cedarwood are great for skin health and are even said to hold anti-ageing qualities

Cleaning – I make up my own all purpose spray with a blend called purify, Castile soap and water!


Food and cooking – There are SO many ways to use essential oils in cooking!  I love adding 1 drop of Oregano oil to savoury dishes and Peppermint, Cinnamon or Wild Orange to slices and cakes

Supporting digestion – I often add 1 drop of Peppermint or Fennel to my water…and believe me I’ve had a lot of experience with this application!

Assisting the body to return to Homeostasis – which is the balance of all body systems, putting to rest the ‘fight & flight’ response.  All the oils contribute to this.

How do I Found out More?

The most important thing I want to impart is that I have found essential oils to be a major part of my recovery process from Ulcerative Colitis, a major part of my emotional healing journey, and a major part of my ongoing expansion. And it is important to remember essential oils are a piece of the pie. They’re not the pie. They’re not the end- all. You must have a solid diet, a healthy balance of intestinal flora, great stress management and emotional healing tools in order to truly thrive.

To find out more,  I would highly recommend the Healthy Oil Summit

Peace, Love, Health



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