The Super Life Formula Embraces Functional Medicine

I have been on a mission lately to get a stronger sense what the current global trends are in this ever-evolving evolution of world wellness (sorry that’s quite a mouthful!) and have been really delving into Functional Medicine.

Sammi Lucas of Super Food Sam and Life After Grains, a program that embraces the philosophies of Functional Medicine

As part of my ongoing research, I have recently been digesting information presented by doctors, gurus and authors from the Evolution of Medicine Summit II.  And I am pleased to confirm that everything they are prescribing goes hand in hand with my Super Life Formula and Life After Grains Program.

Following are the eight key topics that were covered most frequently in the summit:

#1 Functional Medicine Is the Next Wave of Health Care

Functional medicine entails treating the body as one whole system, not separate parts.  For a very long time in most western countries we have not had any true health care…only a system based on disease care.

I believe functional medicine is the solution to addressing this chronic disease epidemic, as it focuses on how all of our body’s systems link to one another.   This engages a holistic approach towards assessing, understanding and treating the body’s symptoms as expressions of a healthy response unfolding from an unhealthy dysfunction.


“Treat the body, the patient, as a whole – not just the disorder”

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#2 The Quest For The Ultimate Gut Health is The Future of a Thriving Human Race

Now more than ever, the whole “anti-bacterial/germ” fear-fad is totally backfiring.  It’s true that the western world is “too clean” — and we need to shift our perspective on what we define as dirty.

We need to understand that not all dirt is going to have a negative impact on our health.  In fact, the right bugs are vital for a healthy immune system.  The good news is that scientific evidence is now showing how we are more bacteria than human.  We are shifting from a state of not knowing the true importance of bacteria, to an in-depth understanding of the gut and skin microbiome and how it links to many systems in the body.

Gut health with the correct balance of good and bad microbes creates the ultimate Super Gut and is the critical foundation too vibrant health when living a Life After Grains.

#3 Disease Manifests Largely from the Environment

The philosophy of Functional Medicine posits that 90% of diseases manifest from the environment and only less than 10% from genes!

And this environment includes not only physical aspects, but the mental, emotional and energetic aspects as well. Genetic predisposition is not nearly as important as we were led to believe.

#4 Emotional Health and It’s Link To Bodily Disorders

You are a product of your environment and your thoughts which results in the vibration you carry and therefore attract.  The laws of attraction and manifestation are quite real.

Every bodily disorder and symptom is partly brought about by an energetic blockage or dysfunction somewhere in the body which needs to be cleared on a deep level.  From my own experience getting to the root of my core emotional issues, I discovered that the energy behind the issue was equally or more important than the physical symptoms.

Our thoughts are powerful — and it is our mind that creates the environment for our cells to bathe in.  I believe that partaking in activities that help to calm and tame the crazy mind chatter, stories, distorted beliefs can contribute powerfully to our health and longevity.

The power of being able to choose our thoughts is a great gift.  Some activities I would recommend would be yoga, meditation, emotional freedom technique (EFT), and the healing codes.  Functional Medicine embraces energy medicine, and I discuss and teach this more in Super Emotions and the Life After Grains program.

#5 Exercise is Important Even on the Genetic Level

Studies have shown that exercise favorably affects gene expression.  So exercise contributes to how our genes are expressed, according to Chris Kresser, MS, LAc.

#6 The Power and Safety of Essential Oils is Becoming Widely Accepted

Essential oils, their safety, and power are being much more widely accepted.  Quality education about the use of oils is waking more people up every day.  We are now shifting from the traditional approach of just masking the symptoms towards the functional approach of becoming empowered to listen to our bodies and taking action with one of the greatest gifts we have from mother nature.

The summit speakers also confirmed that not all essential oils on the market today are created equal. Many of them are mass-produced, diluted and left with only 1% of the essential oil in the bottle along with cheap fillers.  As the essential oil industry is completely unregulated with no definition of what an essential oil is required to be, companies can still use labels of “organic” “natural” “100% pure” which has no definition in the cosmetics industry.  The key for quality is to look for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade for an essential oil that is superior and true to its natural plant.

I discuss this more in my page on Super Scent.

#7 Throughout The Summit Everyone Agreed On One Thing – That Food is the Foundation to Everything

We all know that food is the key to your life.  In every single presentation in the Evolution of Medicine Summit II, there was always a link back to what we choose to have on the end of our fork.  Food is at the core of Functional Medicine.

The biggest ticket for longevity and living a disease free life is reducing inflammation in the body.  What we put on our forks can be one of two things: inflammatory or anti-inflammatory and every day we have two choices on what kind of energy we want to burn – sugar or fat.

Sugar is like the kindling we put on the fire, it won’t last you long and it will burn quickly leaving you flagging.  Whereas if your body is primarily in a ketosis state and burns fat as its main source of fuel, then you are going to have some solid logs on your fire which burn and keep you sustained for many hours at a slower rate.

#8 Supplements can be Simplified

If you are going to take one supplement for the rest of your life, it should be a probiotic and a very good quality one.

So What is the Difference between Functional and Integrative Medicine?

The concept of Integrative Medicine has been around for some time, but Functional Medicine has just come into the medical lexicon.

So how is Functional Medicine different from other Integrative Medicine Models?

Practitioners of Functional Medicine use the Functional Medicine model to organize their findings. It’s a kind of flexible and adaptive information-gathering-and-sorting architecture for clinical practice that deepens the clinician’s understanding of the often overlapping ways things can go wrong. The patient’s story is organized according to seven common underlying mechanisms that influence health, which clarifies the level of present understanding and illuminates where further investigation is needed. An operating system guides clinicians through the entire process from gathering information to initiating treatment and tracking the patient’s progress.

All healthcare disciplines—including integrative medicine—can, to the degree allowed by their training and licensure, use a Functional Medicine approach, including integrating the Functional Medicine operating system and tools to organize knowledge and recognize patterns.

Functional Medicine provides a common language and a unified model to facilitate integrated care.” (Reference)

So tell me, which one of these core changes are you making way for or currently implementing?  I would love to hear your results and stories!  Post in the comments section below.

Peace, Love, Health

Sammi x

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