Thoughts On Life: Let Go Or Be Dragged

Our thoughts on life create our health and our reality - SuperFoodSam
Your Thoughts on Life BECOME Your Life

I believe there is always an underlying emotional blockage in any disease. Recently, I have come to a greater understanding that unravelling and sifting through past trauma, experiences, thoughts and feelings is crucial to understanding the root cause.

Thoughts on Life

I’ll admit, for many years I was struggling to come to terms with the idea that to heal you must be prepared to face a long, hard road and be willing to come face to face with your deepest fears and harsh realities about yourself.  Yes, part of this is true – but only recently have I learnt that there is no set time frame or rules that apply to healing.  Transformation can actually happen and you can achieve super emotions in an instant. 

To ultimately transform yourself, you must be willing to look at your entire life in four very important areas:

Mind, Heart, Spirit and Body - SuperFoodSamMENTAL: thought patterns, beliefs about yourself/others, values, perceptions, interpretations.

SPIRITUAL SOUL: soul purpose, living truthfully, unravelling old personal events and traumas, how you take on other people’s energy.

PHYSICAL: food, exercise, lifestyle, relationships, people you surround yourself with, career, and location

EMOTIONAL/HEART: how you cope with day to day events, stress, and anxiety.

It was not long ago that I thought the food and only food, was it, and changing my diet was all that mattered.  But then I came to realize that much more was needed to restore myself from my ‘gut thing’.  And that even included the language I used!

So I started to call it the ‘gut thing’ because I was choosing to no longer give power to the condition by naming it!  I let go of the association that the diagnosis defined my identity because I knew that the power of separating your identity and illness can offer endless possibilities.

Thoughts On Life Create Reality - Edgar Cayce - SuperFoodSamThe psychology behind your thoughts about illness – whether it is you personally, or someone close – is crucial to take into account.  Using phrases and words such as ‘my’, ‘I have’, ‘I am’ can only bring the illness closer to you and create an attachment without you even realizing it.

Remember the words you hold in your mind about yourself and what is happening for you essentially creates your reality!  Your thoughts on life become your life.

I now choose to use words when describing my journey as ‘it’ or ‘the gut thing’ – therefore I am retraining my mind and thought patterns while creating the reality that this is not me, it is just a thing, I don’t ‘own’ it, it is not ‘mine’, so I create distance, separation and a distinction which is the first point of call in any healing protocol.

I observe many people ‘owning’ their illness – walking around as if it is a tattoo that can never be removed, letting the label of whatever it is they have take control, dictate, limit them.  It can be difficult to be conscious on how much we morph a label of ill health into our identity that we wear and let it take over and be the driver of our lives.

Some possible thoughts on life - SuperFoodSam

Experience gives me the understanding to say that ‘chronic illness’ deems us as extremely sensitive, especially to other people’s actions, thoughts, comments and energies.  People enduring an illness may be sensitive, but they also have very strong intuitive senses.  So the energy you are carrying as someone who is observing of a patient, the patient picks up on and it can affect them.




“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.”

J.K. Rowling

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For a long time, I sensed people around me felt angry, sad and trapped in carrying the ‘victim mentality’ that the world was cruel and life was unfair regarding what had happened to me.  My interpretation was that they labelled me and my situation as ‘negative’ and ‘unfortunate’.

It has only been in recent years that I have started to do the inner emotional work and I realized that I craved acceptance.  I wanted people to see things the way I was beginning to – that this was my gift in life, my evolutionary journey, my purpose, but for some reason, as much as I was willing to let go and accept what is, the people around me could not let go and accept it.

Our thoughts on life create our health and our reality - SuperFoodSamFor me, the thing that is harder than the illness itself is people not being able to accept what has happened to me. Observing how hard it has been for them to completely grasp and acknowledge the gift ‘this gut thing’ has given and is continuing to teach me at times has been heart breaking.

“If one thinks it is negative, it will be negative, if you think it is a powerful, positive gift, it will be” ~ Cosmic Energy

So I have been patching things up lately, miracles have been occurring and I have had conversations with people close to me that I never thought I would have.

If is safe to say that awareness has crept into the people in my life and brought about conscious thoughts to the fact that dragging their story and interpretation with them.  A close family member recently said to me…

“Over the years, I have only been giving you acceptance on my terms, not yours and I realize how hard this has been for you and how selfish I have been”.

How are you going to create your next good day? SuperFoodSamOne important point I would like to share with you is that sometimes without us even realizing, whilst the journey of seeing someone close to your heart facing any kind of battle can dramatically affect you.  Remember to be conscious to not get to lost in your own perceptions.  The best thing that be done in any hard time is to give the person unconditional support on their terms, not yours – that can make all the difference.

Can you relate? Do you have any realizations surrounding others in your life?

I would love to hear from you!

Peace, Love, Health

Sammi x

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