A Weekend With Deepak Chopra


Serendipity is amazing. I wasn’t searching or looking for anything in particular when I was flipping through the Australian’s Sunday Style magazine back in June of this year.  Then I came across an interview with the man himself, Deepak Chopra.  He was in Australia for a two day self-development conference on epigenetics and genes run by Hay House in Melbourne.

After reading the event description, I was beyond excited and inspired to attend the two-day intensive workshop because of the overall mood of the world at that time.  The timing of this event was perfect, given recent incidents in Europe and America.

The work of Deepak Chopra was introduced to me three years ago when I was speaking to a friend who was raving about their recent trip to The Chopra Centre in California.  Born in New Delhi India, Chopra spent his early days as doctor based in rural India.  These days, Mr Chopra is a best-selling author, alternative medicine advocate and public speaker.  Three years ago, I was not attuned to this but enjoyed absorbing his wisdom through quotes and books.  Mind you, some of the ideas he talks about are very deep so not intended for light reading!  Having said that, it was a pleasure hearing and digesting his wisdom in person over two days – such a rare phenomenon.  He did inform us that visiting the southern hemisphere is not his most prominent venture.

I had a strong gut feeling to attend this event being the education sponge I am.  I showed up with a strong willingness and eagerness to absorb as much as I could.  But despite this I still found myself at some points in the two days challenged and lost.  Chopra lead us into topics such as; the meaning of life and the future of wellness.  He also dove into every aspect of our lifestyle such as conception, genetics, self-evolution, quantum physics, modern civilisation, stress, autoimmune disease, nutrition, sleep, meditation, microbiome, happiness, career, financial and social well-being.

In a snap shot, here are the eight biggest takeaways and new insights I achieved from the two days.

Healing requires death of an old mindset and resurrection of new insights

Deepak Chopra spoke in great depth about what it takes to heal and regenerate the body.  Chopra believes that when any action of healing takes place inside or outside the body it is a creative response of your biology.

Luck is just opportunity meeting preparedness

I am a firm believer that whatever it is you are aiming for, whether it is goals for health, relationships, career or overall lifestyle, if you put enough commitment and good, consistent energy into something, the natural laws of the universe will eventually meet you with opportunity.

The search for security is the biggest source of insecurity

This one hit me as a big lightbulb ‘aha’ moment.  Security is one of the most sought after, idealised things in our society.  Chopra explained that in our modern society, many of us aim for ‘security’ mostly in the form of material possessions.  However, this kind of safety does not truly exist.  It was hard to grasp at first, but what Chopra means is that true security and stability starts in your mind and your ‘inner world’; this is the foundation for building other components of security, whether it is through finance, health, living arrangements and jobs.

Let go of the past and you are free.  Use memories, don’t let memories use you.  Most people victimise themselves with their memories.

I resonated with this one immediately.  Negative memories had often been on ‘replay’ in my mind, always confirming always confirming and putting my past into my future.  It is a trap that can go on for years until you realise that your mental dialogue and landscape creates your perception and beliefs.  To create lasting change in all area of our lives, we need to take a look at what we truly believe.  There is no ‘out’ until we become aware.

Trust your intuition more than your rational mind

Over the years, I’ve spoken to many people from all walks of life who have confided that they don’t know when to follow their gut and when to follow their head.  The question that is asked the most is how do you know when to follow your gut feeling or go with your head?  This is a common challenge, and one that I believe every person has to do what feels right for them .  My general rule of thumb is always to go with my ‘gut feeling’ AKA ‘intuition’.  I can honestly say that throughout my entire life I have abided by this and my gut feeling has never, I repeat, never let me down.

If you follow your stress, it will most likely lead you to a fear

A big revelation for me.  I found this to be exceptionally true when I immediately started scanning the things that stress me out (yes we all have them).  I have learned to observe and note what is stressing me.  The next time I feel stressed, I can simply view the phenomenon from the point of view of an observer and thereby diminish the stress that this brings.  Underneath the stress, is usually a deeply rooted fear.

How you feel when you eat determines the metabolism of your food

The number of times I see people walking and sometimes even running while eating is unbelievable.  This sort of eating is unbelievable and worrying, because of how damaging and taxing it can be on the whole digestion process.  I have always found that when I am sad or feeling any strong emotion, even excitement or a huge burst of energy, I never feel like eating.  Rule of thumb; when you’re upset, don’t eat.  What do most people do when they are upset?  They head for a distraction, usually in the form of ‘comfort foods’.  Being able to sit with the feeling, to feel it out while letting it pass naturally rather than suppressing it is a more powerful choice.  It may fly in the face of everything we have been taught about negative emotions: that they are bad and you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible.  However, these feelings of sadness, anger and frustration are just like any other emotion.  So when it comes to digestion, your feelings and emotions determine how you digest your food at the time of eating, that’s why it is so important to eat meals sitting down, in a relaxed stress-free environment.

Gene expression is influenced by thoughts, beliefs, emotions, relationships, social interactions and environment (epigenetics).

Only 5% of all disease is 100% directly linked to gene mutation.  This means we have so much more control over the state of our bodies than we have been led to believe in mainstream media and medicine. In short; you are not a victim to your family history and genes.

Epigenetics is what ultimately regulates gene activity

I have been learning this lesson non-stop over the past five years and everywhere I go, everyone I speak to continues to confirm this.  The evidence of epigenetics is more prominent than ever and sooner or later mainstream medicine will have no choice but to get on the epigenetics ship, whether they come at their own accord or whether they are dragged aboard by patient and consumer demand.  Only time will tell.

So there you have it. Can you relate to any of these insights, I would love to hear your experience so post in the comments section below.

Peace, Love, Health

Sammi x

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